Recorder Fee Schedule

Separate Checks Required for each department:  Separate checks payable to the Wright County Auditor Treasurer for deed tax, mortgage registration tax, real estate taxes and Agricultural Conservation Fees submitted with recordings.  
Please contact the Wright County Auditor Treasurer for additional fees that may be associated with recording deeds and mortgages at 763-682-7574.

Recorder's Office fees now available for payment by credit card via Web:

A new multi-use website has been placed into production by the Recorder’s Office.   This website allows for credit/debit card payment (fee=2.35% of total, $1.75 minimum)  or electronic check payment ($1.75 flat fee) for escrow payments and fees for requests for credentials, marriage records, birth certificates,  death certificates and any other fees.  The user needs to know their invoice number or escrow account number to use the site, data which is provided by the Recorder’s Office.   

The link to the website can be found on the Online Payments page of the public website.

Items Fees

Abstract Fees (MS 357.18)

Record any deed or other document

$46.00 (no page limitation) (no non-standard fee)

Documents (Sats., Asgts. & Par. Releases) containing multiple references

$46.00 with 4 document references or less; $10.00 additional each reference over 4 (abstract dept. only)
Well Disclosure Statement $50.00
Plat filing $56.00 (unlimited number of lots)
Amended: Floor Plan (515), Condominium (515A), CIC Plat or amend (515B) $56.00 minimum / addl. $0.50 per apt./unit beyond 28 apt./units

State Tax Lien/Release (Empl./Econ. Sec.)

State Tax Lien (Dept. Revenue)

State Tax Lien Release (Dept. Revenue)

Federal Tax Lien / Release






Copy of official plat

Certified copy official plat

$10.00 (Plat size)


Attested copy of recorded document $2.00 - mark Duplicate or Copy
Certified copy of recorded document $10.00 - unlimited pages
Copy of Floor Plan (515), Condominium (515A), or CIC Plat (515B) $10.00 minimum or $1.00 per page

Torrens Fees (MS 508.82)

Original First Certificate of Title (First order for Registration) $46.00
Transfer of fee simple title (deed, etc.) $46.00 1st certif. / $40 each addl. certificate
Entry of each memorial per certificate of title $46.00
$20.00 each additional certificate
Issuance of a CECT  $40.00
Issuing each residue certificate $40.00
Exchange Certificates $20.00 per certificate cancelled and
$20.00 per new certificate issued
Plat / CIC / Registered Land Survey $56.00 1st cert. / $40 each addl. certificate
Well disclosure certificate (forwarded to MN. Dept. of Health) $50.00
Amendment to Declaration $46.00
$20.00 each additional certificate
Amended Floor Plan $56.00
Amendment to CIC declaration & plat $46.00
$20.00 each additional certificate
Condominium/CIC plat or amendment $56.00 per certificate
Document affecting 2 or more units (Section 515B CIC) $46.00 first ten certificates and
$10.00 each additional certificate
Certified copy of Survey filing $46.00 per certificate
$20.00 each additional certificate
Copy of Official Plat
Certified copy of Official Plat / RLS
$10.00 (Plat size)
Copy of Torrens Certificate $1.00 per side
Attested copy of recorded instrument $2.00 - mark Duplicate or Copy
Certified copy of recorded instrument $10.00 - unlimited pages

Recorder Fees (Approved by Wright County Board of Commissioners)

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Credit Card Convenience Fee 2.35% fee, with a minimum of $1.75 per transaction
Photo copies of recorded Document (any size)
Non-recorded copies
$1.00 per page
$0.25 per page
Document images on CD $0.10 per image
Notary Services
$1.00 per notarization
Handling charge $1.00 per invoice
Remote access fee (Landshark) $50.00 setup / $50.00 per month
$0.25 per downloaded image
Federal Tax Lien search $5.00 per name
State Tax Lien search $5.00 per name
Tract index search (2 months prior) $5.00 per parcel
Lot size search (each lot) $5.00 per lot
Fax/Email Convenience Fee $5.00 + $1.00 per copied page
Filing of Credentials $5.00
Passport Photo Service $10.00

Vital Statistics Statutory Fees (MS 144.226)

Birth Certificate $26.00
​$19.00 each additional copy at the same time
Uncertified Birth Record $13.00
Death Certificate $13.00
​$6.00 each additional copy at the same time
Uncertified Death Record $13.00
Marriage Certificate $9.00
Genealogy Search Fee $20.00 per hour
Statement of No Record Found (Marriage) $9.00
Statement of No Record Found (Birth) $16.00
Statement of No Record Found (Death) $13.00

Marriage Applications (MS 517.08)

Marriage Application (w/o class) $115.00
Marriage Application (w/class) $40.00