Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

July 2020 Employee of the Month - Joy Decker

Joy Decker
Our July Employee of the Month is Joy Decker. Joy started at our agency in September 2016 as an OTI and was promoted to an OTII in October 2017 where she has grown into the role of the Support Team trainer. In this capacity her calmness, ability to explain processes, and consistent messaging has enhanced the team tremendously. This has resulted in having new staff trained and contributing to Agency work within a few weeks of hire. Joy also goes above and beyond her regular work load. Recently, she saw the need for a new scan queue and not only requested a new queue but, set it up, resulting in time savings for many staff. Our nominator states: I was the new employee and Joy’s patience and superb training skills allowed me to learn what I needed in the time that it needed to be without the frustration that normally comes with new learning. She breaks the task down to the bare minimum so that it makes sense and allows you to learn. Thank you, Joy, for your well defined ethics, dedication and hard work. Congratulations on being our HHS July Employee of the Month!