Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

June 2021 Employee of the Month - Patty Larson

Patty Larson
Our June Employee of the Month is Patty Larson. Patty started with the county in March 2016. Patty is an instrumental part of Public Health, serving as an Office Technician II. Although Patty is on the Community Health team, she is in invaluable to all Public Health staff. Patty’s nomination as EOM is special as not one, but seven coworkers nominated her. Instead of compiling this nomination into a brief summary, the full text is provided below. Her nominator states: “Patty is an asset to our public health team. During these unprecedented times, when many of us PHNs continue to work from home most of the time…Patty is in the office being our hands and feet. Whether it’s doing a door drop-off or mailing information, C&TC onesies, or children’s books to families on our behalf… Patty does all of it with a smile and gracious heart. I always know that If I ask Patty to follow-through on a task that it will get done well and in a timely manner. Patty is dependable, dedicated, well organized, and efficient. I asked for other PHNs’ input and “Wow, what a response I got!” - Karen Eder, PHN

I second this nomination! Patty is the glue keeping Public Health together. Whenever I send an email or place a phone call with a request (and I have many when I have been mobile) Patty always replies with a “Sure Can”. She is efficient and so very kind. She has the best dose of humor that cheers up any dreary day. Her cube is an extension of this cheerfulness. It is always decorated and lively. I try to tell her how much she is appreciated often, but feel that this would be some icing on the cake for her to receive this acknowledgement. – Katie Loftus PHN

I third this nomination! Patty is always willing to help with anything that’s asked of her. She recently took on the appointment scheduling for foot clinics and now comes to each foot clinic and checks people in and does a health screening. This is in addition to everything else she does including picking up and delivering groceries for people who need essential services. Never a grumble, she smiles and gets it done. I appreciate her a great deal! - Shelley Layer PHN

I fourth this nomination! Patty’s smile is continuous and contagious. She is truly a Public Health asset. During COVID-19, Patty has continued working in the office, helping us PHNs out at all costs. Patty has been especially helpful to me as the new kid! She knows the answers to all of my questions and is always flexible. Patty recently took on a new role with foot clinic, working as our greeter and check-in manager. Patty takes appointments and makes sure clients and signed in and scheduled for next time. Patty rocks this role with a constant smile and cheerful attitude. –Kelsey Collier PHN

I fifth this nomination! Patty is so helpful whenever I need assistance with meeting minutes or posting on our PH Facebook page. She is quick to respond and always willing to help. Her smile and creative cube décor are always appreciated as well.- Megan Ward PHN

I sixth this nomination! Patty is amazing. She can even make grabbing the PH mail an eventful experience, especially when I receive so many promo catalogs. She always makes sure I know when my mailbox is getting too full or joking requests for some chocolates from the next order. She is helpful when I’m in the office such as mailing things for me or creating labels for the 10th time in a row. She has a great fun personality and someone you can depend on for any task. And always has the most festive cube decorations for every holiday, especially Halloween. We couldn’t do PH without her. – Valerie Stoll, PHN

I also nominate Patty! She is so very helpful in everything. I never hesitate to ask her for help as she is always quick with a smile and a “sure can” attitude. She keeps everything running smoothly and quickly refills our resource drawer. She also keeps staff moral up with her cube decorations and little treats outside her cube. I always smile when I pass by her cube as it is a happy place! -Mary Lee, PHN

Thank you, Patty, and congratulations on being our HHS June Employee of the Month!