Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

November 2018 Employee of the Month - Kara Kampa

Kara Kampa
Kara started with Wright County as an intern in the General Intake office. After she graduated from SCSU, she was hired as a 67 day temp in CP intake. After that temp position expired she was hired as a CD Assessor and then rejoined the I&A unit as the General Intake worker almost a year ago. In addition to General Intake duties, she is also an MSW student and doing her internship in the I&A unit as a MnChoices assessor. The customers that Kara works with are typically dealing with overwhelming factors and are looking for help to get started in the process of receiving services. Kara makes sure to get as much information as possible to give as many resources as possible. Kara makes sure all new clients receive the best information to help them with their immediate needs. Kara regularly reaches out to other units to extend the menu of services and resources for individuals seeking help. Kara goes beyond obtaining an easy, or, one-dimensional answer for her customers, she provides dedicated customer service. Recently, when another professional contacted WCHHS on behalf of a mutual client, Kara reached out to others in the Agency to determine whether additional resources could help the customer. She took additional time to ensure that the individual would be presented with the best available resources. Kara offers a professional, caring and knowledgeable ‘face’ to Wright County citizens as they initially come into contact with WCHHS. Thank you, Kara, for your service. You are WCHHS’s November Employee of the Month.