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MnCHOICES Initiative
C: Community Engagement
H: Health & Well-Being
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 I:  Important Relationships
C: Control over Resources
E: Employment & Stable Income
S: Supports

What is MnCHOICES?
MnCHOICES is a single, comprehensive assessment and support planning web-based application for long-term services and supports in Minnesota. Funded by the 2009 Legislature, it reflects stakeholder recommendations and takes the place of the following assessment tools that are currently used:
  • Developmental Disability Screening
  • Long-Term Care Consultation
  • Personal Care Assistance Assessment
In the future MnCHOICES will also replace the Private Duty Nursing Assessment. MnCHOICES uses a person-centered planning approach to make decisions about long-term services and supports. It includes standards and protocols and serves as a common data collection tool.

Who will benefit? 
MnCHOICES will benefit people of all ages and disabilities who need long-term services and supports. It will also benefit lead agencies (counties, tribes and managed care organizations) responsible for completing assessments and support planning.

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