Game & Fish / DNR

Hunting & Fishing
Resident and non-resident hunting and fishing licenses can be purchased at our office. Please bring in your drivers license or current identification card when applying for a license. Your Social Security number is required for all hunting and fishing licenses and firearm safety cards.  Duplicate licenses are also available.

DNR - Recreational Vehicle Registration and Transfers
Boats that have a loan, are titled in another state, or are newer then 1979 and longer then 16 feet are titled in Minnesota.  When first time titling or transferring a boat bring in the appropriate documents such as the MSO, MN or out of state title, lien release and bill of sale.  If you have already paid sales tax on the vehicle, please bring documentation from the agency collecting the sales tax.

If you are registering a small boat, snowmobile, ATV or OHM already registered in your name please bring in the registration number, serial number, make and model.   

If you are transferring a vehicle bring in a bill of sale signed by the seller.  This bill of sale needs to include the year, make, model, serial number and registration number of the vehicle being transferred and signatures of both buyer and seller.

State Snowmobile Trail Permit
There is a snowmobile state trail permit that needs to be purchased if you intend to ride on any state trails.  Revenue generated from trail permits go to help keep these trails groomed.  You need a trail permit in addition to your Minnesota registration.  You can purchase these permits in our office.  All you need to purchase a trail permit is your driver's license.

For more information visit the Department of Natural Resources website.