Child Support & Collections Services Application

  • To apply for full Child Support and Collections Services as a non-public assistance applicant, complete and return all required information listed in the "Documents to Complete and Return" section below.

If you have any questions about the information requested, please feel free to call 763-682-7434. Once all paperwork is received, it will take a minimum of 10 days before a case is set up. You will receive a letter when a child support case has been opened and assigned to a Child Support Officer.

Documents to Complete & Return

  • Send a copy of any court order that addresses child support.  This may include an Order for Protection, Dissolution of Divorce, or another type of order.
  • Paternity Worksheet/Affidavit
    • If paternity has not been established, please complete this form.  If there is more than one alleged father, please complete one worksheet for each possible father.  If you are unsure about whether this form needs to be completed, please read the Establishing Paternity document.
  • Sent a copy of the front and back of health and dental insurance cards for the dependent child/ren if health or dental insurance is in place.  (Medical Assistance or Minnesota Care cards are not needed.)

    Documents to Read & Keep for Your Records