The Wright County Auditor-Treasurer's Office is an acceptance agent for passport applications.

Important Information about obtaining a passport from our office.
Following are requirements needed for a passport application:
  • Applicants must be ready to apply in person at least 1/2 hour prior to closing to assure enough processing time.
  • Valid photo ID
  • Certified birth certificate (can be obtained from the License Bureau for a $26 fee if the applicant was born in MN after 1935)
  • Passport photo (can be obtained from the License Bureau for a $10 fee)
  • Accepted forms of payments are personal checks, certified checks, money order or cash.
  • Credit/Debit Cards Are Not Accepted.

The following are some tips to help you get faster service:
Fill out the passport application form ahead of time. Download form from the Passport Services Website. Scroll down and click on the application and forms section. Then click on the PDF version of the DS-11 Application for a US Passport

  • Avoid high volume time at the counter - end of the day, days leading up to holidays, and during school breaks.
  • Please see the Passport Services Website for additional information.

Passport Fees - allow 4-6 weeks for processing

 What are you applying for?  Application
Total Without
Total With
 Passport Book (Age 16 & over)  $110.00  $25.00 $135.00  $145.00
 Passport Book (Under age 16)  $80.00  $25.00  $105.00  $115.00
 Passport Card (Age 16 & over)  $30.00  $25.00  $55.00  $65.00
 Passport Card (Under age 16)  $15.00  $25.00  $40.00  $50.00

 Expedited Service - allow 2-3 weeks for processing

 What are you applying for?  Application
 Total without
 Total with
Overnight Fee
 Passport Book (Age 16 & over)  $170.00 $25.00   $195.00  $205.00  $14.85
 Passport Book (Under age 16)  $140.00  $25.00  $165.00  $175.00  $14.85
 Passport Card (Age 16 & over)  $90.00  $25.00  $115.00  $125.00  NA
 Passport Card (Under age 16)  $75.00  $25.00  $100.00  $110.00  NA

Note: All returned checks are subject to a $30.00 charge.
Renewal Service by Mail

You many use form DS-82 if your previous passport:

                Is undamaged and can be submitted with your application
                Was issued when you were age 16 or older
Was issued within the last 15 years
Was issued in your current name or you can legally document your name change with original
                or certified copy of your marriage certificate or the government-issued document evidencing
                your legal name change.

If any of the above statements do not apply to you, you must apply in person.

The passport fees for adults eligible to apply by mail using form DS-82, Application for a US Passport by Mail, are $110.00 for the passport book and $30.00 for the passport card.

Related Information:

Minneapolis Passport Agency

To apply at the agency, you must schedule an appointment by calling toll free at 1-877-487-2778, open 24 hours/day. When you make the appointment you must let them know you are planning on applying at the Minneapolis Passport Agency.

As of January 23, 2007, a U.S. passport is required by U.S. citizens traveling by air between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Bermuda.

As of June 1, 2009, U.S. citizens returning from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean or Bermuda, by land or sea, are required to present  one of the following travel documents: U.S. Passport Book, U.S. Passport Card, Enhanced Driver's License or Trusted Traveler Program Cards. Enhanced Driver's License and Trusted Traveler Program Cards information can be viewed at the Department of Homeland Security Website.

Passport Hours:

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM