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    Suicide Awareness Balloon Release Court Services & County Attorney

    Wright County Court Services
    provides supervision and programming to juvenile and adult offenders.  Services include, but are not limited to, electronic monitoring, random drug testing, pre-sentence investigations, probation violation reports, discharge reports, progress reports, alcohol assessments, domestic abuse assessments and bail evaluations.  Additional services and programs include supervision and operation of a Juvenile Work Crew, Adult & Juvenile Diversion, Awareness Panel for Impaired Drivers, Choices, Teen Court and TruThought.

    The Wright County Attorney's Office currently has 15 attorneys and 12 support staff. The office serves as the chief prosecutor for all felony, cross misdemeanor and juvenile offenses committed within Wright County.  It also prosecutes all misdemeanors and petty misdemeanors for Wright County, except for the cities of Annandale, Buffalo and Howard Lake.

    The County Attorney's Office is also responsible for handling civil matters on behalf of the County, which include committing persons into state hospitals, child protection matters, vulnerable adult protection matters, as well as pursuing child support collections and enforcing various County Ordinances.

    The County Attorney or one of his Assistants also attend County Board meetings, Planning Commission meetings and advises elected and appointed officials, along with other department heads and county employees on legal matters involving the County.

    The County Attorney is not permitted to provide legal advice to citizens, but can refer them to a department agency, or private law firm that can help them.

    Community Events

    Raised Awareness of Suicide Prevention: poster campaign, public service education, newspaper article, candle lighting and balloon release.

    Celebrated food shelf month (March) and donated the equivalent of $10,000 to local food shelves

    Donated 128 boxes of cookies to the backpack program through wRight Choice

    Adopted a Highway to help keep our world clean