1. Wright County Office of Planning and Zoning

    The Wright County Office of Planning and Zoning is a multidisciplinary office consisting of Planning and Zoning, Environmental Health, Building Inspection and Plan Review, and the Feedlot Program.  The general jurisdiction of this Office is to provide services to unincorporated areas of the County.  Some programs, such as the Feedlot program and Septic System Point of Sale Ordinance are administered county-wide.

    Planning and Zoning Division 

    The Planning and Zoning division is responsible for:

    Environmental Health Division

    The Environmental Health division oversees:

    Building Inspection and Review Division

    The Building Inspection and Review division provides construction plan review and inspections for new construction and building projects for the unincorporated townships within Wright County, except Middleville and Stockholm Townships. Provide contractors and general public awareness of building and safety codes.  For more information regarding building permit and inspection information, please go to the Building Permit Information page.

    Feedlot Program


    The Wright County Feedlot Program Administrator is responsible for administering the Wright County Feedlot Ordinance, which deals with animal and livestock operations throughout the County.