1. Highlight Notes for November 2015:

    The Wright County Highway Department is one of the more visible departments in the county.  We are responsible for all activities involving Wright County’s 511-mile County Highway System, which includes about 50 bridges.  Activities such as pavement preservation and road construction usually occur during the months of May-October, and snow/ice operations typically occur November-March.

    As we approach the snow/ice season, we would like to remind you to exercise caution and drive with care.  It may be advisable to drive less than the posted speed limit under certain winter conditions.

    We ask the public, for your safety and our maintenance staff:
    Please click the link below to view a short video, produced by MnDOT, called "Anatomy of a Winter Storm", for a good reminder of the upcoming winter driving season:

    Anatomy of a Winter Storm

    People who drive in the winter will encounter snow and ice removal equipment.  Flashing lights will generally be the first indication of the presence of snow and ice removal equipment.  Reduce speed, pass with care (where appropriate), and keep a safe distance when encountering this equipment.

    Higher traffic volume highways will receive increased priority for snow and ice control operations, and to the best of our resources and manpower, we will maintain roadways during snow event periods.  Wright County does not assure a completely bare road within a specified timeline due to personnel and budgetary factors. Snow/ice control operations will be halted when:  (a) desired service levels are reached, (b) coverage time has elapsed, (c) conditions are too hazardous, or (d) reasonable accomplishments cannot be made.   

    Reminder:  It is unlawful to plow or blow snow from driveways onto or across County highways, which can create real hazards not only for motorists, but also for snow removal crews and equipment.   

    Please drive with care for the conditions, be alert, and stay safe.